Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nail Art To Add To Your Beauty

Nail art can make your hands and toes look gorgeous. It adds a touch of elegance to the entire look. When you pay attention to the nails, it shows and people will notice the efforts. Beauty is not only about a beautiful face. There are some woman who have a beautiful face yet they look unattractive and unappealing. Looking good is all about the persona of an individual. When you pay attention to your style and take efforts to look good, it will reflect in your attitude and behavior as well. The way a woman carries herself will decide if she can attract attention. Moreover, well-kept nails are a sign of cleanliness and hygiene. No one wants to see unsightly nails with hangnails or rough cuticles. No polish can cover the dead skin around nails.

Perfectly manicured and pedicured hands and toes will tell the difference. Cracked heels, dry skin, uneven shapes, etc are complete turn offs. Pamper your hands and feet for they too need attention. Especially, the feet since it is said that a person’s hygiene can be checked from the feet. Dirty feet with weathered skin and rough heels are certainly not a good sign. Not only is it important to keep your hands and feet clean, you can add class to your looks with nail art. In this article, we shall discuss the different nails tips and discover the plethora of options available.

Get Beautiful Nails

There are different designs that can be used on your nails to enhance their beauty. However, it is important to choose an art depending on the occasion. For instance, if you are planning to attend a wedding party then you may use a lot of glitter, shimmer and shine, or crystals and diamonds. Similarly, if you are looking for regular office wear nails then French nails would be perfect. Different occasions would call for different styles. There are plenty of options for weddings, parties, formal events, nights out, hen’s party, etc. Moreover, you can customize your design and choose the colors of your choice. And, if you have brittle nails that never grow, there is a solution. You could try acrylic nails tips. They are safe and the best way to elongate the short nails.

French nails – This is the most popular design and suits almost all occasions. It has a natural look and goes well with formal clothes as well as evening do’s. If you want to keep the look simple and minimal then this type of art is perfect. The entire nail is painted with a light beige or pinkish tone, which gives an appearance of healthy pink nails. This is a base coat and the color is very light. Once the base coat dries, a white colored polish is used only at the tips. Some salons will use a stencil for applying the white nail paint on the tip while others will do it without a stencil. It would depend how experienced the artist is. After this step, a transparent coat is applied to add shine to your nails. The latest trend with this type of nail art is a combination of different colors. Instead of the white tip, women paint the tips with one shade and the other part of the nail with some other. You can experiment with several colors and create your own nail art.

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