Sunday, March 28, 2010

Acrylic nails are they safe ?

Acrylic nails overall are safe and will not cause harm to your current natural nails. You will find, some women who wear acrylic nails may well detect a small discoloration or possibly coarsening of their natural nails. A greater problem which may occur as a result of acrylic nails could be a infection in your nail.

Sometimes a space develops in between your acrylic nail and natural nail — for instance, if your acrylic nail is knocked or jarred, perhaps it will detach from your natural nail. The space provides a damp, warm condition where bacteria and even fungi can develop. Infections may come about whenever your artificial nail is in place for lengthy periods, or possibly if a salon employs unsanitary equipment to put the your nails on. In that case an infection takes place, all of the natural nail may end up thickened and even discoloured, and furthermore you may need to be examined by a dermatologist.

Nails made from Ethyl Methacrylate (EMA) would be the far better alternative with regards to acrylic nails. It is more flexible and therefore less damage occurs to the nail. For those who choose to receive acrylic nails or any service from the salon, make sure to do so at a highly regarded nail salon. Inquire on the subject of their sanitation techniques, and remember please don't be scared to ask about any specific worries you might have, it is not only your nails you should be worrying about, it might be your overall health.

Acrylic nails are actually safe so long as the instruments are sterile and hygienic. The only thing that is bad about them is that they almost always cause your own nails to become thin. To help stop this you need to every so often keep them off to enable one's nails to air out and properly recover. With all these suggestions in mind, you should have an enjoyable experence using acrylic nails.

Questions you ought to ask nail salon:

1. Precisely how are the nail tools sanitized? High temperature sterilization (autoclaving) is certainly best. Although chemical substance sterilization is also without question acceptable.

2. Does the salon provide a pre-service clean? Both the nail specialist and also the customer have to scrub their hands using antimicrobial soap prior to nail work taking place.

3. Is every single client provided a new bowl of soapy water to soak their hands in and is a brand new file used for each and every client?

4. Is the salon licensed? Whenever the particular license isn't on display, ask to view it.

5. Inquire what brand of glue they apply to the nails, as well as where it is produced. Glue that is made in China is not good for your nails. There are other countries that make good glue like the USA or the UK for example.

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